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    DeAngelo Johnson

    Age: I am 14 years old

    Minecraft IGN: DivineD3

    I can’t remember that exact time I joined this server but I’m pretty sure it was no earlier than 2 years ago but I did get off the server for like 5 months because my old computer had been broken, when I got back i reset my character

    I am an introvert , I don’t like being around other people Irl, if I was to go to a park and more 8 people there I would leave. I can work with others but working alone is preferred option

    Discord: DivineD3#4379
    When I was on the server, had so many things I could do, the Hero Saga, extended sagas, training areas, there is the gravity room, pygmies just so much to do and its great, but I still notice something that was missing, nothing for Planet Vegeta. That’s what I want to bring to this
    server an update to Planet Vegeta or I can just do anything else you need me to do most days (especially after this Wednesday) will be online and ready to do anything.
    Vegeta’s Castle Build (I wish I could have more but my other ones were lost in my old computer)
    That is all from me
    Thank you for time

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    Accepted, we will contact you shortly

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