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    The Majin Seal, a symbol of power, strength, and imprisonment.
    Only those truly desperate for strength would possibly consider giving yourself to another all in the pursuit of power…

    Well those and everyone who wants a quick boost, these days the Majin Seal is being given out like candy on Halloween, anyone can grab it and not think twice.

    But in comes Potential Unleashed, the yin to Majin’s yang, the promise of earned power in your hand if you stick to the path of good!

    …But what if you grab it and then go Majin?
    Or if you want to let some crops grow, and suddenly you’ve got a bill for millions of TP you didn’t sign up for?

    Now on our lovely server, we’ve got a great Karma system that doens’t get much use.
    In West City you can get good or bad karma for doing quests and beating mobs, but it’s woefully underused.

    Angel and Underground had something like this, but who honestly sided with the Angels, amirite?

    I say that with the proper setups, we can turn the idea of Good and Evil into proper alignments, with advantages and all.
    But talk’s cheap, so I won’t just bore you with text, I’ll show you some demoshots I’ve whipped up to give you a much better idea of what I’m talking about.


    Here we see evil incarnate plotting his plans.

    If you’re not evil enough…

    You get sent away with the foreboding message that you still have potential evil in you.

    If that evil is good great though…

    You can pledge yourself to darkness and gain your power.
    From there.

    You can get some fun quests for further your descent into the abyss, or reclaim your powers should you ever die.

    It’s all tested, I’m not proposing anything that can’t be reasonably done.


    On King Kai’s planet and the Sacred World of the Kai’s, our Old Kai is sitting there…
    Doing nothing.

    But what if you went to him when evil or neutral?

    And what if you went to him when you were good?

    He’ll give you the Potential Unleash Skill for doing some quests, and it will be yours to use!
    Not only that, but he’ll offer to recharge and replace it for you if you think it’s running too low, but only once every day.

    Again, I’ve created the basis of the system myself to show that it works.

    If we have a system to regulate the Majin and Unleashed Potential Status and Skill, we’ll be able to make sure that we don’t end up with people all flocking to become Majins right away for a free boost, and that something as important as Unleashed Potential doesn’t wind up locked behind a massive TP wall that for some races, will make it useless.

    But all the faction and stuff won’t just be only for these two things, it can pave the way to something greater for the server too!
    Everything has to start somewhere, so why don’t we start here?

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    I agree, adding depth to the karma system is better and everyone you see wouldn’t have that M on their forheads.

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    Also Nice Idea it should be implemented – Z3no

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