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    How long have you been playing DBC?
    I have been playing DBC for like 3.5 years now.
    How long have you been playing minecraft?
    I have been playing minecraft for like 4 or 5 years now I think.
    How often can you get on the server?
    If I am not busy atleast 3-5 times a week.
    From 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of the mod?
    9 I know the mod very well but there should be still things I dont know.
    From 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of the server?
    7 I dont know quests I havent done like the angel dungeon.
    From 1-10 how would you rate your knowledge of the commands?
    9 I am using the commands in Singleplayer and so I know them very well.
    How long have you been part of the server?
    I have been part of the server for 2 or 3 years now.
    How well do you get along with players?
    I get along with the players well. Sometimes I get bit angry but I dont do anything thats against the rules.
    How well do you know the map?
    I dont know the map perfectly because I havent done all quests now and I wasnt at every place.
    How well do you know players?
    I have some friends on the server and I am friendly to all other players.
    Are you up to date with the mods?
    Why do you think you are fit for this position?
    I am trying to help everyone I can and I know the server pretty well. If someone break the rules I am trying to report it to staff.
    How old are you?
    I am 15 years old.
    State your past experiences as staff.
    I dont have any past experience as staff so this would be my first time. 🙂
    Do you have skype?
    Yes I have skype. My name is umranadel
    What is your main language?
    My main language is german but I can speak English and a little bit Spanish too.
    What is your time zone?
    Central European Summer Time right now.
    Tell us about yourself a bit.
    I am a student on Gymnasium ( its like middle and high school for people with good grades). I am going to a box club right now and the rest of my time I am on my Computer or I am reading books.
    What can you provide for the server?
    I can provide my help to the players of the server. I want to do everything I can to help the people on the server if they need it.
    What position would be your main goal?
    I dont really have a position as main goal but I would be very happy if you would pick me. 😉
    What is your username?

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    I hope you pick me ;-;

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    DerMerti, how you are so weak and are 2 or 3 years on the server? And the server was online 3 years ago?

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    the latest dbc memorie I have is in 2015 and I am weak cuz I am a piece of shit
    Ask Shadi he was on when I joined the server the first time

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    But it can be possible that I am dumb

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    Ok Nova said that he is playing for like 2 years and I played longer than him so it is correct.

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    😮 You are not dumb, and neither a piece of shit. You just have a bad memory, it is ok, don’t call yourself like that.

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    Edit: My discord username is DagMerti

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    This application has been DENIED

    This thread will be closed

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