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    This is Zeno’s Not Crafs Application For Builder
    IGN : Zen_Oh Discord : ☯? Ƶᗴ?σ Ş??Ⓐ ??#3857

    Hello, I’m Zeno;

    I am writing to apply for a builder staff position. I am 13 year’s Old and currently attending a school aiming to be a architect.I joined the server to fulfil my boredom, i joined around Late October 2016.

    Little Information On Me; I enjoy playing Basketball and i like eating some foods like; chocolate. I’m a Studious and a dilligent worker. I’m Fun and Nice and sometimes crack some jokes and dish out roasts. One Hidden Information On me is I like hen– Anime! Ofc My Fav Anime Include ( Don’t Judge meh plox =3= ) One Piece (I read the manga ) , Bleach ( Soul Society Arc .. ) , Attack On Titan ( You Gotta Watch Some Naked Beasts Eat Humans.) , My Hero Academia ( JUST WHY NOT ) and Of course Dragon Ball Z ( Zee Entire Series ) oh and Death Note ( I didn’t like N ) + Im Creative + Love Some Engrish ( Literature ) And Tea Cuz I’m a briton.

    Photos Below and Enjoy : } Tunnel For Old Fac Base
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- } Medieval Housey
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- } A Spawn i made for a friend.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- } Its A Whole NEW WORLD ~ ~
    – Zeno

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    Sum gud work there, good luck zeno!

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    Thx But i kinda rushed one or two ..

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    Improved Versions } This the ” it’s A Whole NEW WORLD ” Upgraded.

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    Participant } Just a Tree ..

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    Wanna see how well you’ll do at it over time, so, for now, I’d say welcome to yer trial phase Zeno!

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