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    Gustavo Philipe

    That should add a lot to the lifetime, and gameplay/roleplay itself.
    Some people may face a hard choice to make when diciding whitch race they should be… and often being afraid to choose one and be weaker than the ones who had choose Saiyan, or “what gender should i choose for my character”, “should i choose to be good, or bad?!”. With a ChooseYourCharacter option we could just play as we’d like to without any restrictions…
    About Mechanics… 1- All the characters have their own StatsSheet, but Share the same inventory. 2- All characters Share the same TP ammoumt, so as to decrease farmingtime, and also share the same inventory, but dont share the same StatSheet.
    HowMany?!… At least 3characters, for the most common in my opnion 1MaleSaiyan 1FemaleSaiyan and AnotherRaceOption

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    You do know Jin is working on a character slot thing right ? He even mentioned in the last update as I remember.

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