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    Blueknightc: Sparring plugin:
    -Fixed: Bug that didn’t give players TP
    Tourney plugin:
    -New commands:
    -readylist – shows if the players about to fight are ready or not
    -startbp [slot number] [min:max] – starts a tourney with a bp range, formatted as “min:max”
    -bp – shows the bp range of the current tourney
     -Bug fixes:
    -Removed bug that didn’t remove a player from the tourney if they left the server

    SuperUltimatePIE: Plan to eradicate the saiyajins:
    -Restored and fixed the dark planet/2nd part
    Staff warp:
    -It’s on the inside the bottom of the lookout
    Pokemaster234ab: Beerus Planet:
    -Goku and Vegeta’s transformations have been fixed
    -Changed SSJ Goku and Vegeta’s regen from 90k to 40k
    -Beerus’ Naptime quest upgraded from 70k tp to 80k tp.
    -Whis food quests upgraded from 200 tp to 300 tp
    -Base form Goku and Vegeta quests upgraded from 150k tp to 155k tp

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