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    Rebirth Plugin!

    Welp, we have been thinking that since admins aren’t always online and it’s not always nice to get bombarded with rebirth requests ( 😛 ) that we will let you do it yourselves! This plugin will allow you to both stat align and change your character while keeping your normal stats. However, only donators with God or equivalent can use this command.

    The command in question is ‘/rebirth’, using this command on its own will display the subcommands that you can use. These subcommands are:

    days – checks how many days you have until you can rebirth again

    check – check the saved stats -don’t use this ever because it’s buggy at the moment, and we won’t take responsibility for anything related to this

    confirm – puts the rebirth into effect

    char – enables the changing of the players

    stats [statFrom-statTo] [amount] – allows the changing of a player’s stats

    To remake your character you use “/rebirth char” which will reset your character for you to remake. To move your stats you use “/rebirth stats [statFrom-statTo] [amount]”, for example “/rebirth stats con-str 500” which will move 500 points from con to str. After you have used either of those you must use “/rebirth confirm” in order to get your stats back and/or to make your stat changes come into effect (With rebirth char, make your character first then /rebirth confirm). Once this command is used you will lose all of your skills (excluding godform) and will prevent you from using the rebirth commands for 10 days. Your skills will be removed since at one point rebirthing was abused to get more skills than you’re allowed (putting all of your stats into mind and changing it back once skills have been attained). You can view how long you have got until you can rebirth again by using “/rebirth days”.



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