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    -Given Farmer steve a shotgun
    -Jinrare and Legendary pygmies quests are RL Daily now -Jinsword is level capped at 1800 Legendary Glaive is level capped at 1400
    -Hercule NPC at /warp westcity added, nescesary to start the saga
    Super Saga:
    -Resurrection ‘F arc has been released! 1 hour and 20 minutes of content
    -New quest to upgrade simu-bot has been added post completion of Super Saga
    -5 New Simulations have been added!

    Pygmy Hunt:
    -Loot and TP from pygmies are now gained through quest
    -Pygmies relocated to /warp goku
    -New Gowther NPC at /warp goku
    -Daikion Phase 3 has been released
    -Pygmy spawns have been revamped


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