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    Broly Elric

    I was banned for fair reasons and understand what I did was wrong. What I did was something I did around a year ago, I was insulting staff and breaking multiple rules in the process people who I insulted and trashed on I remember mainly being Matu. The reasons for me doing this was because of past events occurring in the staff team making me have bad views on some staff and ended up insulting some of them on the server. I said very rude things and was for some of it but not all of it was me not thinking before I acted. I didn’t want to have anything to do with this server until the recent death of Jin. I now want to play the server because I want to make good memories and new friends like how I once did on his old server. I will try to not cause trouble for the server, staff, and players. I am sorry to matu and to the others I insulted and was rude to. I have changed for the better I believe ever since that day and do mean what I have said in this ban appeal.

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