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    Black Hawk

    My IGN is Blackhawk60m but most people know me as Glace
    I am 19 years old
    I joined the server about two months ago after I had been released from college for the summer.
    I have been building in minecraft since it was in the Alpha stages and fell in love with the game and its limitless possibilities. Currently I am attending college for architecture and I feel that I could apply that knowledge and creativity to this server and become a great asset to building the maps. I am well versed in using World Edit and Voxel Sniper to terraform and build and I have also been a Builder on multiple minecraft servers before. The most recent server I was a builder on was Pokenexus, a large pixelmon server. I am a fast learner when building with others and I am a great team player and love to collaborate with other players as well. I enjoy all types of building from gothic and Victorian styles all the way to modern and futuristic building. Posted below this are screenshots of some works I have recently created on the live server. You are also welcome to come online and view them personally.
    Entry Gate and Nether Portal
    Central Fountain and Healing Pool
    Main Castle Exterior
    Castle Interior 1st Floor
    Castle Interior 2nd Floor
    Underground Dungeon and Storage Entrance Hall

    Underground Dungeon and Storage Room

    I do have a Skype, my username is xxliveandlearnxx
    I believe I should be accepted because I could bring many new creative buildings to the server and improve on the server maps. I also believe with my skill set, background, and qualifications I could work together with any current builders to produce maps quickly and efficiently

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    Black Hawk

    EDIT: It doesn’t look like my pictures were posted on the application, Due to this my builds are open to be looked at any time personally by anyone that would like to on the server. I will also post the Imgur link in this reply that has all of the screenshots of my builds posted on it.

    Screenshots of my recent builds

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    Application accepted, we will contact you soon

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