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    Well here I am again. I was informed i was banned 11 months ago for disrespect and racism. I think i made fun of muslims or something, or maybe said something repulsive for attention, I honestly dont remember. Point is, I think im ready to be a teamplayer again. I saw some good updates for the mod a couple days ago, and something drew me back into playing, and this server seems like the only relevant one worth anyones time. I’m asking for another chance. I just want a fun outlet to grind and make a powerful character. If you can let me off the hook, you have my word ill be a team player. Please, I am bringing nothing but good intentions with me, and a determination to play.

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    You got perma banned twice for the same reasons, what reason you can give for us to beliece you changed?

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      I cant offer much, other than that in the span of a year ive done some soul searching, and am beyond such petty fits for attention because of boredom. If i get bored again I usually just take a break and move on to a new hobby instead of lashing out at the game and players, or lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling. If you want something more tangible than my fragile words, i could offer a donation toward’s Jin’s brother on patreon so he may continue good work, without anything in return, other than proof of me showing support, and that I DO actually care. Other than that, I would consider myself on probation in the eyes of the server, and am subject to insta-ban if i do something so irrational and cruel again. At your discretion of course.

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    Sorry for the late reply, I was having trouble sleeping so i took some melatonin, and got a few hours in.

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