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    Broly Elric

    Aight so this is about the 4th ban appeal I’ve made in the last 3 years, and I was banned around 4-5 years before that. The reasons for why I was banned in the first place was for being an ass and being very disrespectful to staff members. I did this with a few friends and why I did it was to feel like I’m getting back at the staff. Do I think it was a dumb thing to do? hell yeah, I could of just not get on the server and do other shit in my life. However old me wasn’t the bigger person in the situation instead I was the annoyance. I’ve damaged and ruined a few friendships because of my actions and I do apologize for my actions. Now I could go try explain how I have changed and I have changed but at this point I know making these are pointless. Matu doesn’t trust me at all due to giving one of my friends a chance a few years back so why even try? Honestly I’m just making this just to past some time and because a friend of mine has been playing the server and I’ve been watching him play the server. I know that how ban appeals are dealt with makes things pretty much impossible for staff to actually look at ban appeals and decide on shit, but I’m hoping that maybe if I continue to make these every 6 months or some shit I will get noticed. Now to explain that I’ve changed, its been almost 5 years since I was banned, I’ve gone through friend shit, school shit, life shit, and my own psychological shit. I’ve grown due to the shit I’ve been through including both the good and the bad shit. I consider myself a better person but that doesn’t really matter since others reading this might like their view of me more than who I actually am. Anyways I’d like to be unbanned to experience the server to suffer and enjoy the dbc zero s experience with my friend and make some new friends. My ign is BrolyElric and have a good day.

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