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    Liam Watson

    It has been 3 years now since my ban. I was 13 years of age at the time and am now 16. I recently tried to log back into the server to see if my ban was still in place. It seemed that I could access the server and the ban had been lifted. After 3 years of not attending this server i was thrilled. I grinded all the way up to level 1000. I entered the discord for a chat and was met with the apparent fact that i’m apparently not allowed to access the server and should again be banned. Now I am requesting, that after 3 years, I am allowed to play this server once more. I enjoy it thoroughly and was planning on donating or finding some solution to the servers apparent issue with lag. It’s been 3 years i’ve gone from a little irritating boy to a matured grown lad. I have no problems with anybody on the server and wish to just enjoy my time grinding all of the cool enjoyable elements of this server.

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    Liam Watson

    GAMERTAG IS L_Void_W but was Apprentice564

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    i really hope you get unbanned you seem like a nice guy

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    Hi im Baconhair21 so i got banned for 2 years in the discord for being 12 but my birthday was yesterday october 5th and now im 13 i would like and love to get unbanned from Discord sincerely, BaconHair21

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