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    Broly Elric

    It’s been about a year since I made my first ban appeal and it was rejected around 4 months ago. The reason it was rejected was that the person who looked at it believed that I hadn’t change and didn’t trust me. I am not here to complain about that however, I am here to appeal once more.
    The reason why I was banned in the first place was because two of my friends and I had very negative thoughts on what some staff did to the server and them as people overall. We thought that the staff had made one of our friends to become a worse person and that hurt me to say the very least. So we went on the server and started to say shit about some staff and it did a lot more bad to us than any good. I lost the trust of people I considered friends and good people because I said things that I honestly shouldn’t of said in the first place. It was out of line and I should have done things to relieve the pent up emotions I was feeling during the time that were a lot more healthier.
    After all of what I said happened why would I want to return to Zero S/Jingames 1.7.10? Honestly, I find the discord’s community nice and I want to make friends with people I had previously ruined my friendship with. I have heard a lot of interesting things about the actual server and it interests me. Also during the time I made my first ban appeal one of the reasons I made the appeal was because of Jin’s passing. It made me think to myself that I didn’t want to loose the chance to redeem myself and I also wanted to pay my respects to the man who allowed Naruto C Blitz for a time to be the official naruto c server. A lot has happened to me since I got banned and it has made me grow to be a better person in my opinion. I don’t wish to start any trouble for Zero S. I just want to be able to play on the server with old and new friends and fix my friendship with those who I had ruined my friendship with. Thank you for reading my appeal, I hope who ever is reading this has a great year and a good day no matter the out come of my ban appeal.

    Ign Broly_Elric

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