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    Broly Elric

    It’s been about 7 months since my second appeal, first one was rejected cause of belief that I had not changed. Second one has been ignored? Honestly I couldn’t tell you if any one saw it. I’ll hope that the third time will work, so I will begin my case. I was a few years back, I think 2-3 years ago. Me and 2 of my friends had been in the staff team at least once in our time on the server and had somewhat close ties to a few of the staff members. To simply put it we were upset at the current state of the staff team because of staff drama. So in a dumb move we get on the server and start insulting staff members and being rude all around. My main motive and I assume my friend’s main motive, was to in someway get back at the staff team. This ended in all of us being banned and that was that, we were banned and we did our own things and lived our lives. Months went by and we didn’t really think much about the server until the passing of Jin. This hurt to hear and find out about as I had worked on Naruto C Blitz and had talked to Jin and got to learn who he was, although the talking mainly involved Naruto C. I started to think of the server and sorta wanted to get back on it. So I posted my first ban appeal, it took about four months until it was rejected because the staff member that saw it believed that I haven’t changed, he unbanned one of my friend’s before and didn’t want to take the risk. At the moment I was just happy that someone had finally responded to it, but later felt it was somewhat unfair as I’m not my friend and I know for certain that I had changed. 8 months past and it eventually was 2020 and I made my second appeal since one of my friends said that it was worth a try. About 3 months past and got no real update so I gave up. Now I’m working on my third appeal, and a lot has happened in between the previous appeals. School stuff happened, I lost a few loved ones, experienced a few earthquakes, was in a lockdown that I first believed was because there was an actual shooter in the school, had a school shooting happen near me, leg pains that I still have no Idea what caused it, moving houses, and a lot of other things that have effected me one way or the other. I feel like I have grown from these events and have learned a few things along the way. I still want to return to the server because I want to make new friends, meet old names, and heal some friendships that I had ruined because of my actions. Thank you for reading and ask questions if I need to clarify anything.

    IGN: Broly_Elric

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