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    Hi I am QuedHound 😀
    I would like to appeal my ban. I was jailed for safe zone killing while invisible using a potion. I was then banned for escaping the jail while I was in fact just still invisible. I deeply regret this unfortunate situation.
    However all this happened almost 2 years ago. I am a much more mature person and I would like to think I would never do such things again. In light of this I would like to request a second chance to enjoy the game.
    I am once again sorry for my past actions and would like you to reconsider me.

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    Hi I am Bonecrushercc and this is my first time ever being banned on a server. From my short time starting about a month ago I have been having fun on this server since day one i met a lot of new friends.It brings me joy I love playing on this server and grinding to my hearts content. Recently I have been gaining enough levels to where i thought i can beat vegito x100 to my dismay. one of my friends was there watching me suffer as i fought this boss laughing away untill the boss switched agro. He tried to survive till he could have a go at it cause i never give up and so it ended up him distracting it and me hitting it. I never meant to harm the status of this game by him helping me and i am very sorry about it and over the days i have been thinking about my actions and i understand i would very much like to play on the server again cause it kinda makes me feel empty inside with out it.If there is any way to shorten my ban time or remove it completely i would be very happy. I have learned my lesson and would love to play zero s again. -sincerly Bonecrushercc

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