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    Providing screenshots about your previous works
    (these building are on the server for closer inspection go to these cords:
    Telling your age
    i am 15 years old
    Telling when did you joined the server
    i dont really know out of my head but i would go about 7.12.2016
    A little information about you
    I can build really good buildings and open areas but i am mostly bored due to garthering the recources.i also get really fast jellos of other stuff that has been build.(i also use an autoclicker for very big walls if needed)
    If you have skype then your skype name since it’s for communication
    i do have skype but the skype servers are down so i cant say the name right now i am really sry i will reply to this topic when they are back up again
    Tell us what you could provide for the server, and why would we choose you
    i am very often online an can build fast i will probably will not be laizy becouse i heard you have gamemode and so i dont need to gather recources.i could also build redstone doors and other redstone stuff sadly i am not good with commandsblocks but i dont really think they are needed.

    a very quick note please dont hate me that i posted a second applycation but i really want to help the server in anyway posseible!

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    These building will change after time becouse i still adjust stuff like an basement

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    This application has been DENIED

    This thread will be closed

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