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    So when I logged on today (August 10, 2018) I noticed that my power level in my base/final form was 8k-something instead of 11k. I thought the Arco multis were reset, so I powered down to minimal to be sure it wasn’t a glitch, and I saw that my stats were higher in minimal form than in final.
    I have screenshots, but I don’t know how to attach them here; could someone please respond and tell me how?

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    They DID do something to arcos if I recall, I don’t quite remember what exactly but I think what you’re seeing is normal

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      It can’t be though. My first, second and third forms all being stronger than my final form makes no sense.

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      They nerfed arcosian final form due to the Ultra Instinct update because it would make it a 15x multiplier for arcosians since they normally have a 1.5x base compared to the other races 1.0x. To compensate for that they buffed their minimal forms (3rd form is now 2.0x multiplier) so you are actually stronger than you were before.

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      How does that make sense though? My super form is still 4.7x like it was before, so how is ultra instinct different?

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      Ok, you’re right. I just tested it on my singleplayer and it did what you said it does. But why make the forms that are supposed to be weaker stronger instead? Why not just put them back the way they were? It would at least make more sense that way.

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