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    Thank you I just wanna say thank you for your time and effort to read this Builder application it would bring me with the upmost joy to be able to become builder on this spectacular server.
    1.Tell us of age: well currently I was 16 years of age
    2.Telling when did I join the server: I joined the server last year when I was 15 years of age
    3.A little information towards myself: well I’m a very skilled and efficient builder I always amaze anyone who lays there eyes upon my builds; I also am a very skilled artist I draw just for fund and amusement, I also create models for Minecraft one day hoping Jin uses my models for hes DragonBlockC mod, for the last subject about me is that all my life ive basically played on this server ive watched it grow and grow over the year I was on it and it will do me some good if I was able to help make it grow even more{Thank you for your time}
    4.if I have skype: currently no I do not have skype but if it is necessary so be it
    5.what I can provide for this server and why ive chosen it: well I will answer the first part I can provide more than then my fellow peers on the server because I am driven to create greater and more attractive builds to increase the servers popularity making more donations for the server making not only myself happy but the creator of this fantastic server as well

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    App closed because duplicated

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