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    Faust E Dieujuste

    Minecraft Username: Lifestory

    Age:17 years of age (Birthdate:December 12-15-2000)

    Date on joining the Server: uncertain i have been on this server for more than a year people don’t recognize me because i change my name a lot and i have changed my race a plethora of times as well but i have finally found a name that properly suites me

    Discord:No but if it is necessary i can create one

    Information about myself: Well to be honest i am a very hard working guy due to my father being so education along with my mother i was always taught to get your work done above all else so that is one of my motto’s that i live by but besides education i am also a great learner and listener my grade point average was 3.5 last year and i am always open to learn knew things and try new things i am very good at making new friends and making friends with my coworkers as well so making comrades on the server was and is no problem for me i also like to draw and be creative i won two drawing competitions first place and second by the way and i like to make hilarious jokes so prepare to laugh when i join this stupendous staff

    What can i provide to this server: I can provide hardworking and discipline as it was mentioned before i don’t stop until the work is completed unless i have exams 😀 but i will still strive to climb to new heights and make beautiful designs and creations when i build

    FireBALL :D



    TEMPLE of earth of sand

    Tomb of water

    Snake way

    Check them on Imgur 😀

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