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    So I could understand the idea of not having a change-log before on the server, there was no real place to put it, not everyone would be able to see it, and no actual easy way to maintain it.

    But now that there’s an honest to god website, I think there’s not much of an excuse not to document changes made around the server, so people can know what’s happening instead of relying on word of mouth and hearsay.

    For example, here’s something only reported by Koala showing up, saying it was happening, then leaving.
    Super Saiyan 2 and 3 got powered up to x3.5 and x4.5 multipliers respectively, since there were lots of Saiyans and lots of people on, it got noticed.

    As for an example of something that changed at some point, and no one knew because no one said anything, here’s one.
    Human God was buffed to x7, same as Super Saiyan Blue and Frost Demon God, however no one could tell you that, even I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t taken the plunge ready for the old x6.3 boost.
    Now has Namekian God also received the same boost? No one can say since the people who have God Form switched away before it might’ve been buffed or won’t switch to Namekian since no one knows if it is buffed.

    There are lots of other changes in between the two spectrums, things like quests suddenly having a longer cooldown than expected, new content growing overnight like West City, or small things like tiny quests popping up at warps people might not notice.

    It would be a step in the right direction for the Admin team (And Poke) to take full advantage of the new format this website brings to document things they change or do around the server, so players don’t have to count on rumors to search out content.
    A way I figured it could be done that doesn’t flood the mainpage would be to open a section of the Forum dedicated to only change-logs, only people who can edit things on the server would be allowed to post there, and they would log any time they make a size-able difference like changing how an NPC or Quest works, adding items to the shop, or just working on a building’s design.

    Like I said before, with the new website, we’re offered new possibilities that the server and Discord didn’t provide before, we can use it for good instead of just pure rampant shitposting.

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    It’s a nice idea, I will make a forum just for this.

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    Wow that was quick ren XD i like that idea

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    Sounds like a good idea

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    Dang Ren nice work moving this quick. XD Didn’t know there ever was a difference in God Multipliers tbh. .3.

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