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    metal bat muted me once for using /me a number of time OK i get that he then said my /nick was annoying and some other stuff after that i asked a question and no one answered a number of time so i use /me and metalbat muted me again saying i told you to stop using it and was muted again saying i was stupid and need to shut up i was mad at that once again after i get unmuted i tell him he is breaking rule 4 i know its rule 5 he ignored me so i used /me and said it he called me stupid cause i said rule 4 and if i am going to quote “excuses” him of abuse use the state the right rule and then said im done with you muted me for 50 minutes and gloated about it in chat and said i was breaking rule 1 not listening to staff I do have screen shots but cant figure out how to post them if you could perhaps explain i would happily post them

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    dood he is a good mod he didnt do anything wrong maybe you broke some rule you are not aware of becouse you didnt read the rules so just one word for your opinion:nah.

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    You were punished for your own stupidity. I repeatedly told you to stop spamming /me. You refused to stop, breaking rule #1. I proceeded to mute you. After your mute ended, you decided to keep using it after I told you to stop. So I muted you again. After that mute ended, you proceeded to go on using /me, saying you would report me as you did. I gave you a 50 minute mute after that for ignoring my warnings multiple times in a row and proceeding to use /me. You reap what you sow. Follow the rules, and next time, actually read them. You tried accusing me before of breaking rule #4, which you seem to not realize is a rule forbidding item glitching.

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    Dat grammar tho’
    (Note: referring to the original post, not you, Tree)

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