Faction Plugin

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Hello there.

I thought that since I hardly use the devblog, I might as well announce that I have started making a faction plugin (not a replacement more of an expansion), since I thought that it would be great if we could revamp factions in order to make it more appealing to be a part of and for wars to actually take place. We have some ideas about what we’re going to include, however, since its in early days I can’t give out any details, but, if you want you can make suggestions on what you want included into the replies and they may be added (depending on whether it will break the game or not).

Have fun – Bloo.

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4 Responses to Faction Plugin

  1. Dunkaccino says:

    As for suggestions, I think I have a few that could be nice.

    One of such, is a reward system for pvp. Getting things like special weapons, items, and armor could be a great incentive for people to do pvp outside of tournaments. This way, people will actively go for kills in say a war setting. It would mostly be things that are unique, but not game-breaking like your favorite clothes/armor in unbreakable form or an item that feeds you for example.

    Another thing I think could be nice would be a friendly fire system. So that in wars/mass pvp, you don’t accidentally hit/kill your allies (in and out of faction) during combat.

    That is all I guess, or at least until I can think of more.

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