Rebirth Plugin – WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?

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The rebirth plugin

So you are reading this you are either a god/equivalent or you just have too much free time on your hands (I can relate), also you are here because you have no concept do not know how the rebirth plugin works. Who doesn’t amirite? Anywho, this will be a mess of a detailed post on how to use the rebirth plugin.

One feature of the plugin is to re-make your character without losing your stats. To do this you must use “/rebirth char”, this will send you to this screen:

From there you can create your character to suit your needs.

You can also align your stats to create the perfect great cool a decent build (to impress all of your friends). To do this you use the command “/rebirth stats [fromStat-toStat] [amount]” like, for example, “/rebirth stats str-con 500” to move 500 points from strength to con. The ‘-‘ is required since for whatever reason minecraft only likes three subcommands. At any point you can use “/rebirth check” to view what the stats will be once you have finished rebirthing. It will look something like:

When you have finished fiddling with your stats and character use “/rebirth confirm”, because if you somehow don’t and you complain to a member of staff about it, I will send Nova to beat you with a stick send you a strongly worded email. Once you have used that command you will get your stats back and lose all of your skills, bar godform. Also you will be placed within a 10 day cooldown, which you can check on using “/rebirth days”.

You will lose your skills because in the past users have put all of their points into mind and gotten more skills than they are supposed to, waited 10 days and then rebirthed again (yes they waited 10 days for having a few extra skills, don’t even ask).



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Rebirth plugin

Due to a minor bug what players couldn’t understand not to do it, and that they haven’t read after the plugin itself, which lead to more bugs than intented, we temporaly remove the rebirth plugin from the server. If you seek to rebirth, then searach for an admin.

Post Maintenance 2017 June 11th

A week ago I gave an announcement, that we would go under maintenance to reset NPC data.

The maintenance was successful, and NPC quest data will remain wiped. Sadly this means any one time quests that have been done may be done again. But there isn’t anything we can do about that. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this maintenance.

The Flarbo Vouchers for Daikion’s Stone, Mystery Scroll, and End Pass can be traded at /spawn. The Fusion Voucher will be turned in at Yemma’s Palace in Otherworld.

Here is a list of changes that has occured.

End Saga:

  • Introductory Eldery Steve quest has been added
  • Voids in End Saga have been relocated

Pygmy Hunt:

  • Quests have been removed. The TP is now obtained directly from the pygmies


  • Rebirth plugin has been added. Visit Blue’s changelog for more information:
    thank you so much blue. the pain is gone now…

We appreciate your patience with us.


The Great Super Saga: Ressurection ‘F post

Alrighty, time to finally get into a new arc of Super Saga! After last arc’s release back on April, more and more people have been having a go at it, and it’s almost time for the newest arc to release! It’s no secret what this arc’s story will be, but this post should give you the main gist of what this new arc will be about, and some questions I usually get for this arc, and without further ado, let’s get down to the good stuff:

How will I unlock the new arc?

It’s not a shocker that you’ll have to complete Super Saga: Beerus arc as one of the things you’ll have to do in order to unlock access to this new arc, however, this is not all you have to do in order to unlock it, you will also have to do the following things:

-As I stated last post, Super Saga will progress as your character progresses through the other sagas on the server, so, this time around, you’ll be able to do this new Arc When you beat Ghost Heathcliff in Queen Saga.

-You’ll also need to be good friends with Whis. (You’ll know this once you unlock access to his staff)

-And lastly, you’ll have to beat the simulation of 25% Beerus.

What will be the difficulty of the new arc?

The arc, as it is set during the time you’ll be doing Queen saga, will be from it’s stronger NPCs to even beyond Queen Saga. Be prepared if you’re going to try to take this new arc, as it will be much more difficult than last arc.

How long will this arc be?

So far, the arc will seem to be longer than last arc, and it seems that it will go from 45 minutes to a full hour.

Can I simulate the battles in this arc?

You bet! I can confirm that 5 new simulations will be introduced in this arc, with one “boss” simulation! (Boss simulations are all RL weekly and will have the best rewards of the arc)

Will friezatraining have a role in this arc?

To put it simply, friezatraining and Super Saga wouldn’t make much canonical sense together, as in Super Saga you fight for the sake of Earth and in Friezatraining you’re an evil solder, I may add a little reference or two, though.

Speaking of Friezatraining, how good will it be?

Friezatraining’s mostly meant for newbies, so I suppose that players that are strong enough for this arc will not find anything good in Friezatraining, so if you’re about to do the arc, I would say this is not the training for you. Friezatraining’s meant for players that just got out of Farmer steve’s training and want some more power and have some..evil desires in mind. Friezatraining’s the place for them, and will be the first alignment-based(Westcity alignments, as DBC alignments aren’t compatible with CNPCs) training area in the entire server! Friezatraining will go from the early days of piccolo clones-level training to the strongest enemies in the underground! Who knows, maybe one solder may prove of use to Frieza, as well..

Here’s the million dollar question: how much TP will Super Saga:Resurrection ‘F arc give?

Hoo boy. Well, I’ll try my best to make this arc give players a good amount of TP that will be worth everything they’ll be doing for that hour, and considering the level the NPCs will be at.. I’d say 45 million TP is a fair amount, however, this amount isn’t fully confirmed, I still have to get 100% confirmation that I can make the arc give 45 million TP.

To close things off, when is Super Saga: Resurrection ‘F arc releasing?

Well, I’ve been thinking this through, and considering that I still have a lot of work to do before it’s complete, I would say that this arc is releasing..never.

Just kidding, p-put that torch down. Super Saga: Resurrection ‘F arc will release in July 2nd, if things go well! Sorry for not being able to make a full-on release in June like I intended, but I do hope you all will enjoy it once it releases!

And don’t think I forgot about the Dragon Brawl winners! You guys will probably get your chance to beta-test on June 26th(once again, if things go well)!

Hoo boy, this has been a loooong post. If you sticked to the very end, thank you! I do hope you will enjoy the new arc once it comes out, and until next time, see ya!







One Week Warning. Maintenance Will Occur

We have been experiencing a few problems regarding the mod known as Custom NPCs. Whenever we view the player data inside, it lags the server majorly. The problem is that the lag is getting worse, as it is now starting to kick us whenever we look into the player data. One week from now, we will delete ALL Custom NPC Data. This doesn’t mean you will lose your stats, your inventory, your homes, or anything like that. The data we are deleting only counts for your quests and NPC faction data. The server will be put under maintenance, to resolve this issue. We will keep a back up, and if our efforts don’t eliminate the lag, we will restore the data that we deleted. Just letting everyone know, you have your fair warning

UPDATE: If you had used an End Pass, Daikion’s Stone, or Mysterious Scroll, you will be able to obtain a Flarbo Voucher to restore these items. You have ONE WEEK to get this voucher!! These will be made available very soon.

UPDATE 2: Fusion Adventure has been considered. A voucher has been made for it. Flarbo can be found at Fusion Adventure, the quest line for level 1 Fusion! All 4 Flarbo Vouchers have been made available



The Fate of Daikion!

Before I go into detail, some of you may ask “What is Daikion” or “tf is a daikon”, Daikion is what I call a “Saiyan Pygmy”. Pygmies are tiny NPCs that you, as the players, hunt and kill! Some pygmies are staff skinned, some are steve skinned. They were hosted in a weekly event called the Pygmy Hunt! But starting today, May 14 2017, the Pygmy Hunt has become a daily event. It is automated, so each individual pygmy respawns on its own! Participate in the Pygmy Hunt and you may be able to collect all 9 fragments! Fragments are a rare item dropped from pygmies. You need to collect 9 DIFFERENT TYPES (I wish I didn’t have to emphasize this) of fragments! Collect the fragments and make the Daikion Stone, which takes you to Daikion! Below is the crafting recipe for Daikion’s Stone.

Now for the main point, Daikion has two phases, his  base form, and his Super Saiyan form. I was pondering whether or not I should add a 3rd phase. That is what this post is for. I am asking you, as the players, do you want a third phase to Daikion’s boss battles? Leave your opinion by answering the poll below.

Do you want a third phase to Daikion?

  • OMG!! Give us 3rd phase!! (84%, 85 Votes)
  • I couldn't care less about that midget. Boo. (16%, 16 Votes)

Total Voters: 101

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Thank you very much for your votes everyone! Daikion Phase 3 is now W.I.P!

Maintenance End, Server reopens!

So we have worked on the server over 6 hours now and whoa, we have made a quite big change log here I believe, what I will start listing now for you guys:

  • People’s player data and cnpc data whose were innactive for more than 3 months got deleted
  • Nickname lenght shortened from 32 character to 16
  • Queen saga TP buff:
    Queen – 50 mill TP
    Ghost – 17 mill TP
    Phoenix – 7 mill TP
    Matu – 3.15 mill TP
    Netherrack boss – 925k TP
  • Armored end skeletons have been restored
  • Fusion Act 2 clump 1 released, fusion levels 2-4 now available
  • Katatraining TP buff
    Novice 4300 TP
    Novice+ 9200 TP
    Trained ninjas 7000 TP
    Trained ninjas+ 15500 TP
    Master ninjas 9400 TP
    Master ninjas+ 19800 TP
  • Nail quest tp nerf to 10000 because of low regen soldiers
  • Medical moss quest nerf to 500$ instead of 5000$
  • UG TP buff
    Dwarf quest to 20k TP
    More Dwarf quest  42k TP
    Spider quest 14.5k TP
    More Spider quest 30k TP
    Mad scientist 35k TP
    Whole dungeon TP gain from 300k to 500k + it’s daily
  • Angel saga tp buff minor
    Queen kill 280k TP
    King kill 465k TP
    Ruri kill 220k TP
    Killing leaders of UG side 300k TP
  • Angel Dungeon overral from 2.5 mill to 3 mill TP
  • buying 4 claybock for 60$ in shop dimension and lamp and candle recipes added
  • World Border plugin set ups (All of them from 0 axiss to each direction)
    Overworld – 500.000 blocks
    Nether – 50.000 blocks
    Vegeta – 50.000 blocks
    Namek – 100.000 blocks
    HTC – 5.000 blocks
    Otherworld – 30.000 blocks
    Factionworld – 1.000 blocks
  • Everything outside WB got deletted
  • Factions, and Faction chat plugin returned!
    You can only claim land at /warp factions since all faction related things will be there
    Faction world created so players can freely destroy everything there (expect warp place)
  • Staff statues, application and idea links moved to spawn (Work In Progress)
  • Ghast farm created in new Nether
  • Janemba’s teleporting arms & mini-clones are punchable and will take 4 seconds to respawn each
  • Buffed Havoc in from 150k to 160k tp and it’s now weekly
  • Paikuhan at grand kai’s got 30k HP less, (320k) now, nerfed ranged attack spamm until 4 blocks away from him

Oh yeah one last thing, if I see on the server Pandemonium or something similar as a faction, I will disband it immidiately.


Today at GMT+1 8pm or 9pm, we would like to start the maintenance on the server. This means we would like to take action of the plans what we have thought out, like putting a world border up, giving back factions, and deletting the innactive player’s player and cnpc data. So if you can’t join the server, and it says it’s white listed, then we have already started it. Hopefully the maintenance won’t take long, and will give great results when finished.

Roll back

Untill the KI freeze bug is fixed the server is using JRMCore 1.2.37 and Dragon Block C 1.4.32
so don’t forget to roll back your versions untill the next update comes with a possible fix for this.

Oh yeah the client is still the same JBRA Client 1.6.20 so don’t worry about it.

EDIT: Jin have fixed the issue with the KI blasts freezing the server, so get the recent updates from now on!

Plans for the week

So this update was fairly a nerf update from Jin himself, which we can’t do anything about it but accept it.
But don’t take this update on the wrong side, as Jin himself said in his post, it was necessary to prepare for what is coming, and oh boy a lot of things are coming.
First let’s check what changed in the mod itself:

  • The annoying lag when the sites are down should be fixed now
  • Stat increase rate got decreased (people mostly handle this negatively)
  • The annoying OP Jump nerf finally happened
  • SK is more viable now if you combine kaioken and endurance (50% at max lvl’s that it doesn’t take HP upon transforming)

These changes are well ballanced, but people don’t always look at the bigger purpose behind these kinds of things, so let’s see what Jin plans to implement, by doing this decrease:

  • KI system upgrade for KI attacks
  • SSJ4 is in the doors!
  • Higher max attributes! This means more stats than 30.000 will be accesable
  • Majin seal!
  • Mystic form!
  • And SSG transformation, so you don’t need ritual

(You can read the rest at at the 17w17 update post)
Now let’s be real, to balance out things, these decreases were necessary so the mod itself won’t need more RAM to be playable, and also opens the opportunity to get more what you have lost, it’s like they say “Something for something else”.

Now look at the things from the server’s perspective. Everyone lost some of their strength and their HP, and the players are sad but mostly angry over the update. Believe me, you shouldn’t be, since more awesome things are going to happen from now on. On the other hand, we may reduce some of the bosses’ regeneration in order to compromise with the loss of the damage.
Now there are other major things I want to tell you, so listen carefully, because you might not wanna miss out of this.

First of all, the upper staff team concluded, that the server reads too much unnecessary player and custom npcs data, which causes most of the lag spikes, when searching through them.
Now in order to try to fix this we decided to delete some of these datas. Now don’t freak out, we don’t mean we will completely wipe out your stats or anything, so just calm down. We mean, that there are a lot of innactive players and their data there just takes up the space, and makes the server freak out. So we decided to delete those people datas who are innactive for more than 3-4 months now. It might be unfair for most of them, but it’s not like we will delete them without saving them first. With this done, the server maybe will have less lag spikes, and it’s good for cleaning up the storage capacity too.  We are still on the deciding matter whether should it be 3 or 4 months, but I can assure you that at the date of 2017/May/7 we will do this clean up for the sake of your enjoyment.

Other thing I want to introduce you is that factions are coming back! Yep you read that right, but unlike before, some things might change including them, so the personal claims won’t be targetted. With the spar plugin, it can be a nice set of battles for example, but I am not saying much about this matter, since it hasn’t been discussed that much yet.

The last thing on the list what we want to do sooner the better, is getting a world border plugin. With a world border plugin, we can limit the world, so that we lessen the likes of corrupt chunks, as well as limiting the world’s storage size itself, thus not overworking the server PC. We can have a lot of possibilities with a world border plugin, like making another world, where let’s say it’s 1000*1000 block meter the whole thing, and we could host events there, like Pygmy hunt for example.

Also a side note, if you live in the nether, move out, because we are planning to delete it, and making a new one, since the present one is kinda over used, and to be honest for mana crafting I believe we should make some Ghast hunting spots for players, so it’s not that hard to get ghast tears.

I believe that’s  all for now, we will try to work hard to make the changes happen as smoothly as possible so it won’t cause problems for you guys. If you have any question, just write a comment! See you in the next post!

(Oh yeah, as a Change Log thing: passive defense from 40% was put to maximum 50%)