Faction Plugin

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Hello there.

I thought that since I hardly use the devblog, I might as well announce that I have started making a faction plugin (not a replacement more of an expansion), since I thought that it would be great if we could revamp factions in order to make it more appealing to be a part of and for wars to actually take place. We have some ideas about what we’re going to include, however, since its in early days I can’t give out any details, but, if you want you can make suggestions on what you want included into the replies and they may be added (depending on whether it will break the game or not).

Have fun – Bloo.

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RPGWeapons Suggestions

Hi guys, I see you are hyped about RPGWeapons and have a lot of ideas about what I could add to it. Unfortunately, my small brain can’t remember all of these suggestions for the future, so would it be possible if you could post a comment on this post about suggestions? Thanks, bloo.



Hello Everybody! I have finally come back with a new plugin that I have been making for the last few months. This plugin adds an RPG aspect to weaponry, allowing you to level them up and get special attributes called “rewards”. RPGWeapons are soul bound to each player, meaning they cannot be given away to other players. RPGWeapons will become available in Hero Saga Chapter 1. The maximum RPGWeapon is 1000 where your damage will be 200k. These weapons are unbreakable and enchantments are removed upon hitting something.





Rewards are effects on the weapon that are applied in certain events (blocking, attacking and killing). The rewards are separated into active (green) and toggleable (grey), active rewards are rewards that always work when they are meant to, toggleable rewards are defaultly innactive, you can toggle from active to inactive and vice versa using a command; the rewards that are toggleable are the blocking rewards and only 1 blocking reward can be active at any one time. They have a max level and a minimum required weapon level. You can unlock these by getting “upgrade points”; you receive one of these every 25 levels.



This reward is automatically on the weapon when it is created, showing as “level 0”, and is the only way of getting xp other than quests. It is an ‘attacking’ reward and you will get 1 xp with every hit on the enemy plus 2 per every level, the maximum being level 20.


This reward gives you a 20% chance of receiving a player’s head upon you killing them. This is the one of the only rewards that has a maximum level of 1.


This reward gives the player a 5% * the rewards level chance of giving the player a 50% damage boost against an enemy. It has a maximum level of 10.

Arthdmg and Smite:

This rewards are the RPGWeapons version of bane of arthopods and Smite, and do 1% times the level more damage of the weapon’s damage. Their maximum level is 10 each.



This reward allows you to eat a senzu bean by right clicking. It has a cooldown of 15 seconds to prevent you accidentally eating all of your senzus in one go. It has a maximum level of 1 and mininum RPG level of 50.


This reward allows you to reduce damage dealt to you by 10% times the reward’s level of the weapon’s damage, but it also takes 2% times the reward’s level of your stamina.It has a maximum level of 4 and mininum RPG level of 50.


Normal Player Commands:

/rpgweapon setweaponitemid [itemID]

Allows you to change the item of your weapon to the itemID, for example if the itemID was 1 the weapon would turn into a block of stone

/rpgweapon getwhitelist

Sends the player the IDs that the player can set their weapon to

/rpgweapon setname [name]

Allows you to set the weapon’s name to [name], you can put spaces inbetween words by using a ‘_’ for example: “example_weapon” would be “example weapon”. It can also be coloured using a  colour format https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Formatting_codes#Color_codes using a ‘&’ instead of ‘§’, for example ‘&0’ would make the colour black.

/rpgweapon levelreward [reward]

Allows you to level up or obtain a reward if you have at least 1 upgrade point

/rpgweapon toggleactive [reward]

Allows you to make a blocking reward active or inactive

/rpgweapon disperse

Allows you to remove an rpgweapon from your inventory until you resummon it

/rpgweapon summon [ID]

Allows you to summon one of your rpgweapons to your inventory based on its ID

Donator Commands:

/rpgweapond create [ID]

Allows you to create an rpgweapon with a particular ID as long as the ID is between 1 and 3. It has a TP cost of 500k for the first weapon, 2 mil for the second and 20 mil for the third.

/rpgweapond regainrewardpoints

Allows you to reset all of your rewards and get the upgrade points you paid for them

/rpgweapond delete [ID]

Allows you to delete one of your rpgweapons, so you can create it again.



Welp. I have a devblog I guess lol. I’ll post here about my projects current and new (as long as I’m allowed to ;)) . I might also discuss plugin suggestion ideas or make a poll on features within a plugin. If you do have any suggestions for future plugins please do put them in the forum: http://dbcserver.jingames.net/index.php/forums/forum/forums/suggestions-and-ideas/.

I hope you guys will enjoy this blog and I will try to post regularly. 😀