The Great Super Saga: Ressurection ‘F post

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Alrighty, time to finally get into a new arc of Super Saga! After last arc’s release back on April, more and more people have been having a go at it, and it’s almost time for the newest arc to release! It’s no secret what this arc’s story will be, but this post should give you the main gist of what this new arc will be about, and some questions I usually get for this arc, and without further ado, let’s get down to the good stuff:

How will I unlock the new arc?

It’s not a shocker that you’ll have to complete Super Saga: Beerus arc as one of the things you’ll have to do in order to unlock access to this new arc, however, this is not all you have to do in order to unlock it, you will also have to do the following things:

-As I stated last post, Super Saga will progress as your character progresses through the other sagas on the server, so, this time around, you’ll be able to do this new Arc When you beat Ghost Heathcliff in Queen Saga.

-You’ll also need to be good friends with Whis. (You’ll know this once you unlock access to his staff)

-And lastly, you’ll have to beat the simulation of 25% Beerus.

What will be the difficulty of the new arc?

The arc, as it is set during the time you’ll be doing Queen saga, will be from it’s stronger NPCs to even beyond Queen Saga. Be prepared if you’re going to try to take this new arc, as it will be much more difficult than last arc.

How long will this arc be?

So far, the arc will seem to be longer than last arc, and it seems that it will go from 45 minutes to a full hour.

Can I simulate the battles in this arc?

You bet! I can confirm that 5 new simulations will be introduced in this arc, with one “boss” simulation! (Boss simulations are all RL weekly and will have the best rewards of the arc)

Will friezatraining have a role in this arc?

To put it simply, friezatraining and Super Saga wouldn’t make much canonical sense together, as in Super Saga you fight for the sake of Earth and in Friezatraining you’re an evil solder, I may add a little reference or two, though.

Speaking of Friezatraining, how good will it be?

Friezatraining’s mostly meant for newbies, so I suppose that players that are strong enough for this arc will not find anything good in Friezatraining, so if you’re about to do the arc, I would say this is not the training for you. Friezatraining’s meant for players that just got out of Farmer steve’s training and want some more power and have some..evil desires in mind. Friezatraining’s the place for them, and will be the first alignment-based(Westcity alignments, as DBC alignments aren’t compatible with CNPCs) training area in the entire server! Friezatraining will go from the early days of piccolo clones-level training to the strongest enemies in the underground! Who knows, maybe one solder may prove of use to Frieza, as well..

Here’s the million dollar question: how much TP will Super Saga:Resurrection ‘F arc give?

Hoo boy. Well, I’ll try my best to make this arc give players a good amount of TP that will be worth everything they’ll be doing for that hour, and considering the level the NPCs will be at.. I’d say 45 million TP is a fair amount, however, this amount isn’t fully confirmed, I still have to get 100% confirmation that I can make the arc give 45 million TP.

To close things off, when is Super Saga: Resurrection ‘F arc releasing?

Well, I’ve been thinking this through, and considering that I still have a lot of work to do before it’s complete, I would say that this arc is releasing..never.

Just kidding, p-put that torch down. Super Saga: Resurrection ‘F arc will release in July 2nd, if things go well! Sorry for not being able to make a full-on release in June like I intended, but I do hope you all will enjoy it once it releases!

And don’t think I forgot about the Dragon Brawl winners! You guys will probably get your chance to beta-test on June 26th(once again, if things go well)!

Hoo boy, this has been a loooong post. If you sticked to the very end, thank you! I do hope you will enjoy the new arc once it comes out, and until next time, see ya!







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