New ranks and kits

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You might already heard about this, but the server got 8 new ranks into it’s shop what you can buy in the server shop, at the last pages!

But why is it good, and why would you need it you may ask, that’s why I provide this little showcase for you!

First let’s Cover them one by one.


Angels were peaceful creatures and always had a carefree life. But one time the royal family was murdered so they had to choose a new King. They choose Heitchliff. Later on a mysterious woman arrived who warned the Angels about a big threat, and she drove the Angels into a war. The war lasted for decades, and the new King has married this mysterious woman, so she became the Queen. The Angels started living while hiding, after the war.

The Angel Rank has everything like the God Rank, but the prefix and the kits are different.


Demons today are almost extinct that’s how rare they are. They can corrupt anything with thier powers and add the corrupted creature’s power into their own. Due to their aggressive nature they were involved in a lots of wars and conflicts, which caused their numbers to drop. They are wise, but not very careful.

The Demon Rank has everything like the God Rank, but the prefix and the kits are different.


Corrupted creatures are the one being cursed by the Demons. They are weak to unholy weapons, sunlight and water, but because of the curse they can swim in lava with no problem. In order to protect themselves they usually gather together, and surround themselves with lava in order to scare away any unwanted attention. The curse cannot be lifted even if the Demon which caused it ceases to exist, only death can lift this curse.

The Corrupted Rank has everything like the God Rank, but the prefix and the kits are different.


Kaioshins are a God race which don’t interact with mortals that much. But this universe’s Kaioshins like to live among the mortals, and help them out if needed. Unlike the other universes Kaioshins, these Kaioshins aren’t that powerful like them, and often use mortal looks as disguisess, so other universes won’t interfere with them. Choosing Supreme Kai became really hard like this, so there is none yet, and the God of Destruction of this universe hasn’t awekened yet either.

The Kaioshin Rank has everything like the God Rank, but the prefix and the kits are different.


Goddesses are like Gods, but in the opposite gender, they were here since the start of time, sometimes hiding from the other gods.

The Goddess Rank has everything like the God Rank, but the prefix and the kits are different.


Ever felt Perfect? Not perfect perfect but Perfect perfect. Every felt the need to show it to others how Perfect you are? Well search no longer, with this Bundle you will feel Perfect for real now! You can become Perfect like Cell did! PS: We don’t take any responsibility if you turn out to be imperfect.

The Perfect Rank has everything like the God Rank, but the prefix and the kits are different.


Ultimate is a title given to those who had achieved their final state of being the strongest. Very few Ultimate ranked individual exist in this Universe, but those who have achieved this state are no longer stationed here, or they have been defeated by many smaller, weaker people because they were evil.

The Ultimate Rank has everything like the God Rank, but the prefix and the kits are different.


Mystic is a state of form. Originated by the Old Kai, to rise one’s power above their limit, granting them a big power boost. This universe once has been visited by Old Kai, and unlocked many Mystic form for exchange of mortal goods. Old Kai never visited again after the first Ultimate drove him away in fear of making someone stronger than him.

The Mystic Rank has everything like the God Rank, but the prefix and the kits are different.

All ranks kits have their own armour and weapons, some is unique and some is strong.
And also they give you 10000TP like God Rank.

Now a little change log too:

  • All kits have been buffed in damage, protection and unbreaking wise
  • 8 new ranks have been created
  • 8 new ranks can be bought in server shop
  • End Pass no longer teleports. It is a quest item that is given to a teleporter now!!

I hope you will like the new ranks, and get the lore out of it for future sagas 😉 See you at the next post ~

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New plugin, new staff

Hello everyone. So as may you know, there were problems with name tags, and custom npcs, that you could cheat in the quests.
Well today we managed to fix this issue with a new plugin named Item Remover.
About this plugin in a few words:
This plugin removes any item from a player inventory what is black listed. That is all about the plugin, it’s small but great help for the staff team.

Speaking about staff team. From today on, the server will have an official Co-Owner chosen by Jin himself.
And this Co-Owner is none other than myself!
What does this mean?
Well it means a few things like:

  • I will work with the other staff improove the server further
  • I will supervise most of the staff with Jin’s help (sometimes, since he is busy as you know. Also this may mean faster accepting or denying at applications)
  • The server will have a Co-Owner
  • I will be able to upgrade the server, website and server shop anytime, when free time lets me

I will work hard to make your life easier on the server, and to make you as much fun as you can. See you guys next time, or on the server!

Big Change Log

As you guys know, admins are constantly deciding on a lot of matters which involves your daily life on the server. Well the configs are the same, they have a big impact on everyone playing on the server, and messingn something up there can be lethal to the server’s life.
In the past you hardly ever knew about something changing, and it could be always frustrating not knowing anything about what is exactly happening inside those said configs.
But with the new official website it can be solved easily! On the site, admins can post bigger changes so players know it sooner, while smaller things can go to the Forum!

Now for the firsts big Change Log I present you what changed:

  • Arcosian Super Form from 3.05x to 3.25x multipier
  • Arcosian Ultimate (Golden) Form from 4.85x to 5x multipier
  • Arcosian God Form from 7x to 7.25x multipier
  • Arcosian Form0 Ki drain from 500 to 800
  • Arcosian Form1 Ki drain from 300 to 500
  • Arcosian Form2 Ki drain from 200 to 300
  • Arcosian Form3 Ki drain from 150 to 200
  • Human Full Form from 2.05x to 2.65x multipier
  • Human Buffed Form from 3.7x to 4.45x multipier
  • Human God Form from 7x to 7.25x multipier
  • Human Transformation skill costs:
    400 to  3000 lvl1
    800 to  5000 lvl2
    1200 to  10000 lvl3
    2000 to  30000 lvl4
    32000 to  310000 lvl5
  • Namekian Full Form from 2.4x to 2.8x multipier
  • Namekian Giant Form from 4.15x to 4.75x multipier
  • Namekian God Form from 7x to 7.25x multipier
  • Namekian Transformation skill costs:
    400 to 3000 lvl1
    800 to 5000 lvl2
    1200 to 10000 lvl3
    2000 to 20000 lvl4
    32000 to 280000 lvl5
  • Saiyan God Form from 7x to 7.25x multipier
  • Saiyan Transformation skill costs:
    375 to 10000 lvl1
    750 to 15000 lvl2
    1500 to 20000 lvl3
    3000 to 25000 lvl4
    7500 to 75000 lvl5
    10500 to 385000 lvl6
  • Godform Skill price buff from 150Million to 200Million

That is all, you can read the little changes what were made before these at this topic:

Hopefully providing you guys with information will satisfie all of you. Untill next time!

Super Saga launch post!

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Heya everyone! In order to celebrate our new and improved forum, I’ve decided to make a post regarding the Saga I’ve been making, Super Saga! As the name implies, Super Saga’s all about Dragon Ball Super’s major arcs, and they all will be released in their due time! Super Saga’s also full of a lot of ideas I’ve had in mind for a while now, and I’m happy to announce that the Beerus arc has been released to the public! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it. Anywho, let’s get right to the juicy stuff.


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Team-Up feature


Super Saga’s all about teaming up with people, be it friends or NPCs! For the first time in the server, you’ll be able to fight alongside NPCs, such as Goku, Vegeta, Krillin, Buu, and more! Team-Up allows a lot of possibilities to happen, imagine teaming up with Goku and Vegeta to fight Black Goku and Zamasu, or teaming up with Vegeta to deal the finishing blow on Frieza, Or even fight alongside Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Gohan, and Master Roshi to take down Frieza’s solders! Team-Up also means that players can fight together for the giant battles in Super Saga!




As you all know, Super Saga’s arcs can only be done once, however, once you complete an arc, you can go to Bulma to simulate the fights you’ve had in that arc! Simulations will be much weaker, however, they can be repeated once every day! Some will even give over a million TP! Simulation will hopefully add a new layer to player’s training regimen, as well as help them buy time until a new arc has been released!


Super Saga’s episodic releases


As you all know, Super Saga’s been released, however, it’s currently only the Beerus arc. however, it will soon receive more updates! Expect updates every 2 months or so! With each update comes a story segment and simulations to boot! Here are my plans for each arc’s release:


Beerus arc- April 12th 2017


Ressurection ‘F arc- Mid-to-late June


Universe 6 arc- Late July or early August


Future Trunks arc- October 29th 2017


Universe Survival arc- currently unknown, as the saga isn’t done yet.



Twists on the Story

Not everything will go exactly as Super made it to happen, as I’ll change up some infamous scenes to make it more a more interesting and enjoyable experience, not to mention you’ll be tagging along with the Z-Fighters, which means that will change up some aspects of the story as well, so stay tuned for that!


More training areas + Beerus planet updates!

That’s right! I’ll be working on updates for Beerus planet as well as a brand-new training area! Anywho, let me give a basic rundown of what the Beerus planet updates will be about:

– SSB Goku/Vegeta fights

– Going to the planet from the overworked

– Whis’ staff boss battle

– Galactic food hunting

And more!

Stay tuned for news regarding the new training area as well!



Anywho, thanks for reading, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed it! And with that being said, see ya! -Poke

Website opening to public

Welcome to the JinGames 1.7.10 Official server’s official website!
We have created this website, so you may get information sooner, and will be able to report things easier when it’s necessary.
Various new methods will open up like this, we have a forum, and if you read it carefully you will be able to do a lot of things from now on.
Also we will be able to give you updates about the server itself, and about what is happening, or what is planned in the future.

As for the forum, please read the rules, and avoid unnecessary actions, to make the staff teams work easier.
This is it for now, I hope this website will turn out to be useful for both staff and players! Peace out~